Felicia Horton

Felicia Horton - Children's Book Author


Felicia Horton - Children's Book Author

Books and Series

I have published six books as of July 2021. There are four books in the SIlly Lily Series, Three books in the Kayden Axel series, and Three books in the Coco Rose The Girl With Two Homes series. They will all be available before the end of this year, 2021.

I have written other books outside of a series, and two other series that will come to life in 2022. 


The three series, Silly Lily, Kayden Axel, and Coco Rose The Girl With Two Homes are all based on my three grandchildren. I started publishing them first as gifts to each of them. The other books in the works are all based on bedtime stories I told my children when they were young. In many cases, they helped me with the characters as the stories evolved.

Yes, she does! The books are all based on real-life Silly Lily adventures, although they did not all happen simultaneously. I took incidences that occurred over time and put them together to make a silly tale to share.

Absolutely, NOT! I reached out to Kayden for all of the dinosaur-related facts. His sister Cora and mom, my daughter, Rachel, helped as well. They couldn’t stand to see me struggle to understand a world I knew nothing about. 

Yes. Much of what I put in her books came from watching her experience being shuffled between parents. When she was little she spent much of her time with us and we would talk about how she felt. While writing the series Coco and I had many talks to help guide me on the emotions she worked through and often still does. 

Upcoming Releases

Silly Lily Takes a Nap will be available at the end of July 2021

Silly Lily Redeorates will be available at the end of August 2021

Coco Rose The Girl With Two Homes’ second book will be available in September 2021.

Coco Rose The Girl With Two Homes’ third book will be available in November 2021

I have written two other series which I will be rewriting and fine-tuning this summer. 

Bagel Bialy and The Three Princesses and the Enchanted Forrest. 

As far as additional plans on series I have notebooks filled with ideas and outlines just waiting to be written.

Events and Contact

If you would like to have me visit and read to your class or school have your teacher contact me at Hello@FeliciaHorton.com

Yes, I would enjoy traveling to meet you and learn more about where you live.

Yes, I love to hear from my readers. Please email me at Hello@FeliciaHorton.com. I will do my best to respond within a week.

Other FAQ

Without a doubt yes! As a young girl, I was a writer, in my head. I thought about the books I would write. When I was in my early teens my girlfriend and I would have sleepovers. We wrote a book together about two women who fall in love and marry two famous actors. I am not sure whatever came of all of those written pages.

When I was young I read and reread every Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume book written. My first “adult” novel was Palomino by Danielle Steele. I still read her books and have been known to reread BC and JB books today.