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Grab That Journal

Felicia Horton - Children's Book Author

You don’t have a journal? No, not a good excuse. Why not, you ask? Because any paper can be called a journal. You could use a spiral notebook, a sketch pad, a bullet journal, or a stack of paper shoved into a folder. Now grab a pen, not a pencil. I love pencils. I prefer them to pens but not for what we are doing today. Maybe next time, but not today.

Today you are free. We do not need to erase, correct or change anything. Using a pen instead of a pencil, you are free to keep going because you have no means to erase and repair your process.

Why use paper and a pen when typing on a laptop or desktop is so much easier and has spelling and grammar correction built-i? True, but not today. Maybe next time, we will have to see. For now, find a quiet place where you can be alone with as little distraction as possible. You may even want to wait until this evening when you can grab a flashlight and hide under the covers. This moment is for you and only you today. Next time may be different. But not today.

Now you are in that quiet space and are comfortable, right? But, wait, are you sure that is the best position for writing? Should you turn a bit to the left? Okay, no more nagging for now, so we can move on to the good stuff.

Ready? Write. Just write. There is no other direction for you today. Maybe next, we will see. But today, just write. Write whatever you are thinking. It doesn’t need to be about one thing. You do not need a subject or an action. Throw out all of the rules you have ever learned just for today. Next time may be different. But not today.

You can’t think of what to write? Well, write that. “I cannot think of anything to write.” Perfect. You are now a writer. Really! You wrote your first sentence. You took your thought and put them on paper. Do you think I am a bit wacky? Did you write that down? Well, why not? I told you to write whatever you thought. “This lady is a bit wacky.” Perfect. You now have two thoughts that you have committed to writing. You are in a role.

Enjoy. Don’t stop until you have no more thoughts for today. Next time may be different. But not today.