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That Train of Thought- All Aboard

Felicia Horton - Children's Book Author

The thoughts are coming faster, aren’t they? The more you write them down, the quicker they creep in from all angles. Welcome to my world and the world all writers live in. It is a beautiful world. Others may not understand it, but that’s okay. However, they have the same potential to be writers. The difference between them and you is that you are now writing. Wow! That sounds pretty awesome. You are writing. And the more you write, the more you will gather the thoughts that have made up that story and put them into a manuscript ready for editing.

So now that you have been spewing thoughts onto paper, what is next? More. Yes, more spewing. Just let the thoughts keep pouring from your head to your hand and onto the paper. What did you do today? Is it morning? That’s okay. A writer can take a full day and describe it in a few sentences, and take a few minutes and explain those minutes on many pages stretching out every detail possible.

Start with the first thought you had upon waking this morning. Go ahead, write it down. Yes, now. I am waiting right here. I won’t go anywhere until you return. Why are you still reading this if you haven’t written yet? Go on now.

Did you write that one thought, or did you describe the moment? Read it out loud. Is it an attention grabber? Did you tell the moment so that the person reading it felt as if they were there with you? Under what you wrote, write it again, but this time with feeling. Use descriptive words, compound sentences, run-on sentences if you’d like. Remember, no one is watching you. This process is not about what is right and what is wrong—this is about writing. Plane and simple; write. 

Read it out loud. 
Slow down a bit. 
Not bad. 
What came next? 
Was the snooze alarm making its third or fourth round? Were you cold and pulled the covers up to your ears? Was it so hot you were kicking the sheets to the other side of the bed? Was it still dark in your room, or was the sun creeping through the small openings of the window shades?

Well done. 
Don’t stop. 
Do not correct any of it.
Keep writing. 
Have fun. 
Worrying about fixing and editing takes away from the joy of the process. Take a thought, write it down. Take the next idea and write it down. Keep chugging along with one word at a time.

Remember, you are a writer. Do you doubt that? Well, don’t. You are writing, aren’t you? Well then, you are a writer. So keep writing.