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Imagination Station-Where Thoughts Become Stories

Imagination Station
Imagination Station-Where Thoughts Become Stories.
Welcome to Imagination Station.

Welcome to Imagination Station.

Felicia Horton - Children's Book Author

Welcome to Imagination Station.


Here you will find a place to explore where your imagination takes you. What do you do when you have a thought that continues and soon becomes a story that only lives inside your head, and you don’t want it to end?

Have you ever had that happen, and someone or something interrupts this adventure your thoughts have taken, and as soon as you are alone again with only your thoughts, you pick up the story where you left off? Or is that just me?

No, I know you do it too. That is why you are reading this blog. That is because you think like a writer. You tell stories in your head all day long. Almost everything outside of the norm sparks a new thought, and your imagination runs away with it to create an adventurous tale.

But then a new shiny object grabs your attention, and your thoughts start all over with a new storyline. Some of the stories were special enough that you remember them. What about those that seemed to just disappear like a poof of smoke after the candle blew out?

Here is where you will capture those thoughts and adventures you have created. Those stories boggled up inside of your head need to come out and be shared with the world because you have a hidden author inside you that needs to escape and escape NOW!

Here is where we will, together, put those thoughts down into printed words without thinking or worrying about spelling or grammar. Here is where you will learn to let it all out without looking over your shoulder to see if the grammar police are after you. Here you are safe from all judging eyes and ears. Here you are, the fantastic, creative, and very famous author.

Here is your ticket to ride. Hop on. It’s time to head over to the Imagination Station and ride the train to that place you have created.