Felicia Horton

Felicia Horton - Children's Book Author
Felicia Horton - Children's Book Author

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time… Isn’t that the way all fairytales should start? All right, fine, it wasn’t that long ago. You got me. I’m only eight years old, so how long ago could’ve been? 

Hi, my name is Coco Rose, and I am a girl who lives in two homes. When I was a  baby, my parents decided just to be friends and separated. I was so young I don’t remember much of that time at all. I have few memories of when my papa took me to see my dad. I recently learned that my mom and dad had gone to court to decide where I would live, when I would live there, and for how long. I’m happy that I don’t have any real memory of that time. Because now my mom and dad get along well. As well as two people who no longer want to live together.

Mama married Zach. I call him dad, and he’s a pretty cool guy. Now I have a younger brother. Daddy recently married Liz. She’s an awesome step-mom.

There are many wonderful things about having two homes, and then there are those things that aren’t so wonderful. But that’s for another time.

Back to the once upon a time…

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Coco Rose. (What do you expect? It’s my story. Of course I made myself the beautiful princess.) Coco Rose lived in a magnificent castle on the hill. (It’s not exactly a castle, and it’s not on a hill, but in my eyes, it is magnificent because it’s home.)

On this glorious morning, Coco Rose woke to the sunshine. Ready for an exciting day, she bounced out of bed. Coco Rose ran into the kitchen, ready for breakfast and a day full of adventure. Then, too excited to take too long to eat all of her breakfast, she headed outside.

Princess Coco hopped on her horse and rode off into the pasture. (Okay fine, It was my bicycle, and I just went down the street to the grassy hill)  While riding through the pasture, Coco Rose came upon a section of the field covered in mushrooms. Coco got off of her horse and approached the mushroom cluster when she saw something move. 

There she spied a group of fairies. They were so tiny, with colorful wings fluttering around and chatting away. 

One blue and gold fairy flew up to Coco and said, “Hello, Coco.” 

Coco asked, “How do you know my name?”

 “I am a fairy. My name is Chloe, and I know you because we watch over you all the time.”

Baffled, the princess asked, “Why have I never seen you before?” 

“Because humans are not supposed to see fairies,” Chole answered as she flitted around.

“So why am I seeing you now?” Coco was still confused.

“Because this is your Once Upon a Time story. So you can make anything happen.” Chloe reminded the princess.

Princess Coco smiled and said, “In that case, I would like to run around the field and play with all of you.” 

So Coco Rose and the fairies played in the pasture until Coco’s tummy started to grumble.

The princess asked, “Is it possible to get some magic fairy dust that I can keep with me if you have any?”

Coco Rose opened up her jacket pocket, and as each fairy flew by her, they dropped a little magic into her pocket. After the last of the fairies dropped magic in her pocket,  Princess Coco hopped on her horse and began to ride home after saying goodbye to all of her new friends.

When Coco Rose arrived back at the castle, she dismounted the horse and walked it back to the stables. (You got me again. I just took my bike back up to the side of the house.)

Just as the queen stuck her head out the window and said, “Princess Coco, it’s time for your gourmet meal the staff prepared for you.” ( The queen is my mom, and she made me mac and cheese. I don’t think Mama would like to be called the “staff”)

The princess waltzed into the castle to take a seat at the head of the long dining table. As she prepared to sit down in came the servant boy. 

“Servant boy, You cannot sit at the royal table,” Coco told the annoying boy.

“Servant boy? Coco, what are you talking about?” The servant boy appeared a bit confused. 

Then, Coco remembered the magic fairy dust in her pocket. She would use it to make the annoying servant boy disappear. 

The princess reached into her pocket, grabbed a handful of the fairy dust, and said, “Servant boy, be gone.” as she threw the dust at the boy’s lap.

“Mom! Coco threw dirt at me.” ( Leave it to the annoying servant boy to ruin a girls daydream)

The annoying servant boy grabbed his bowl of food and took it into the living room.

It really is magic fairy dust. The boy was gone.

The princess scooped up the fairy dust so she would have enough to use again if needed. Then, she ate her most delicious gourmet meal prepared by the staff and headed to her room located on the south side of the castle, where she gracefully settled onto her four-poster bed with a silk and lace bedspread to close her eyes for a short rest.

Just another day in the life of a princess.